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“Why Llamas?” and “What are they good for?” are the most common questions a llama owner encounters.


There is so much to say in reply, that it’s hard to know where to start.

Here are a few answers:

Llamas are beautiful, majestic, and noble. They add mystic and magic to the land.

Watching a group of young crias running around the field at dusk will whisk away any daily worry.

Llama  manure is one of the best manures you can have for your garden.

Llama fiber is soft and silky to the touch.

And most of all, Llamas add happiness to our lives and intrigue and awe to those who visit.

In less than three years the New Leaf Llama Farm has grown from a herd of two to a herd of 30.

Just because it was hard to stop.

With the generous help of Suzann Penry (Fallen Oaks Llamas) and Justin Timm (Frog Pond Llamas), we purchased our foundation herd.

The Llamas came  from Mary and Rick Adams (Wild Oaks Llamas),  Hinterland’s final sale, East Fork’s last sale, Justin Timm, Tor Sorenson( Southwest Llama Company), Sijama Llamas, Wayne Rankin, Dolly Peters and the Cascade sales.

Our main breeding males are GNLC Full Tilt, GC Inca Legend, Kastizo and Nastaza’s Raphael.

We love the tall and stretchy llamas with refined, beautiful faces. If they are colorful and silky, it’s even better!

Family and group visits welcome. Contact us for scheduling and pricing. (530) 913-6035

For Llama show information please check our link page.


Llamas for sale – Please contact us if you see anything you like.

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