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GNLC Full Tilt


GNLC Santiago x GNLC Lady Guinevere


ILR : 271937

DOB: 7/30/2007


National Grand Champion in:

- ILR gathering

- LFA Futurity

- Celebrity

GNLC Full Tilt_cropped.jpg

GC’s Inca Legend


GC’s Chock Full O’ Nuts x Laquita P5

ILR: 256988

DOB: 6/03/2004

GCs Inca Legend_cropped.jpg

Sijama Zambelli

Sijama Zumiez x FFF Amatista

ILR: 275162

DOB: 6/21/08



Cola Dbl Grand

Jingle Bells Grand

OR. State Fair Grand and best of show 

OFFF Grand



Cascade Grand

Cola Reserve

Llama affaire Dbl Grand - Best of show

OFFF Reserve



Cascade Grand & Best of show

Cola Reserve & Grand

Sijama Zambelli_cropped.jpg

Nastaza's Raphael

Next Star's Sambucas x Nastaza

ILR: 286196

DOB: 5/12/2013

National Grand Champion in:

- 2014 ALSA

- 2015 ALSA

- 2015 ILR Gathering

2015 Hobo: 1st &

Grand MW 

2015 LFA Futurity: 1st  2 Yr MW 

Natasas Raphael_cropped.jpg

KV Timone's second edition (Eddie)

Callistta x Mystery's Timone

ILR: 286723

DOB: 6/25/13

New Leaf's White Knight - Gelding

GC's Inca Legend X Heunique's Chincero

ILR: 287662

DOB: 5/15/14

Alsa Merit & Champion 

Moved to Montana

to be a packer at the GNLC farm!

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