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July 2016 


State Fair  show- Cal Expo – Sacramento:

We took 4 llamas and got 4 1st places and 2 Grand Championships!

A fun show for all human participants but not for the llamas …

Too hot and noisy.


January 2016

Hobo show in Turlock was a great success: 7 first places, 3 seconds, 4 Reserve Champions and 4 Grand Champions!

This time all the llamas we took were born on our farm.

The Best of show llama was a 7 months old female from Oregon that was sired by our Inca Legend, bred at Sherri Talmon’s farm.



March 2015

Just back from the McRoberts herd sale. Flew to a freezing cold Nebraska where we drove around a frozen pasture to look at llamas in 5 degrees weather with strong winds!

What a beautiful and so very hardy herd!!

Purchased 2 beautiful Suri females: MGF Estralita and MGF Godiva White Chocolate. They will arrive to our farm in April.



February 2015

We returned from the Hobo show in Turlock with a bag full of ribbons!!

 We won 4 Grand Championships, 2 Reserve Grands, 6 First Places, 2 Second places and 2 third places.

A tough act to repeat.


November 2014

Purchased 2 new females:

Shalimar – A Nutcracker daughter – A beautiful Suri Appy yearling.

Shalimar just won 3 grands and one best of show at the October Texas show. My very first best of show!

SNDRP Peruvian Max Appeal – A stretchy female from Sunset Llama Farm in Vista CA. Maxi is bred to a very flashy male named: Trifecta and is due in December.


August 2014

Our next show is the ALSA Northwest Regional show in Red Bluff, CA.

The show will take place on September 13th and 14th at the Red Bluff Fairgrounds.

Taking Full Tilt to show for the first time on the West Coast!


July 2014

Returned from the State fair Show in Sacramento with 4 first places, 1 Grand Championship and 2 reserve Grands!

And.. sold New Leaf’s Orionn to a wonderful home where he will become their new Herdsire.


March 4th, 2014

Just purchased: GNLC Full Tilt!!!

I saw Mark Smith’s ad in the Llama Marketing Group only 8 minutes after he posted it and just couldn’t resist….
Here is the link to Mark’s ad and how he described Full Tilt:
An hour later I was the very excited new owner.
What fun it will be to breed him to some of my girls.
All that stretch and color!


ALSA  |  Alpaca Llama Show Association


ILR  |  International LLama Registry


LANA  |  Llama Association of North America


CAL-ILA  |  Llama Association


A very useful link to medication doses for llamas:


‘Llama Marketing Group’ on Facebook:
Open group to llama owners and/or lovers. Provides a great place for posting and reading about sales, health issues, transport, show info and llama news.


“Spin that” – a fiber Facebook group for all fiber types.
Trade, sell, and learn. From raw fiber to finished products:


A comprehensive website for information about llamas, alpacas and camels.

Health, nutrition, behavior, breeding and birth:

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